There’s nothing quite like word-of-mouth for getting more people to your Glamping site. And there’s no better modern version of WOM than social media. And there’s no social media platform more perfect for Glamping than the visual masterpiece that is Instagram.
Inspirational, aspirational and picture-perfect bragging – if you’re not already encouraging your guests to tag you in the Instagram posts from their stay at your glamping site then you’re not only missing a trick, you’re missing the whole magic show.
Here are some simple dos and donts to make sure your guests work while they play…
Do Encourage User-Generated Content

Encourage guests to share their holiday with you and make it obvious like – hey we love seeing your pictures from your stay, make sure you tag us in your posts and use the #tag (whatever hashtag would be relevant to your glamping business).

If it’s written in good old pen & ink or noted on your website, it’s not enough to just say ‘we’re on Instagram’.  You need to clearly state your Instagram @name – This applies to all of your social media, not just Instagram!

Don’t let any opportunities slip through your fingers

Make it clear that you are using social media for your Glampsite so your guests know who to tag online. Here are a couple of things you should double check:

  • Are the links to your social media visible and correct on your website?
  • Are your social media links also on the booking info and your email signature? (if relevant to your customer journey)
  • Is your social media mentioned in your welcome pack?
Don’t Forget To Style Your Glamping Site

Styling is key here; make every corner of your site and structures Instagrammable (yep that’s a thing!).

The format of Instagram is one single (usually) square image that captures a moment perfectly. The morning cuppa brewed in a red enamel kettle on a stove; the luxury of a glass of champagne set against a sweeping valley sunset; crisp white cotton sheets and a gorgeous throw on a huge bed – This is Glamping!

If you’re not creative in the interiors department then head over to Instagram or Pinterest to get some tips on how to dress your glamping accommodation. Or check out fellow glampsite owners who are doing a great job already!


Do Monitor & Engage With Your Audience

If you have asked your glamping guests to tag you in their pictures then make sure you’re active on your Glampsite social media too!

Keep an eye out for tags – on images and by searching your hashtag too.

Make sure you thank your guests publicly for sharing the pictures AND for coming to stay too. Don’t forget that social media is all one big friendly conversation.

Don’t be shy!

Don’t be shy about offering a little bribe; keep it in line with your Glampsite messaging and your ethics, you don’t want to come across as too pushy.

You can incentivise in loads of different ways that will work to your advantage:

  • Exchange a photoshoot for a stay with a photography/travel blogger
  • Choose your favourite shared image from the season and reward the guest with a discount on their next stay
  • Or perhaps the offer of a bigger, better welcome pack with their next stay instead
  • Do you advertise? If so guests could have the opportunity to be the lead image on your advertising for the next season?

That’s a quick snapshot of your possible options. There are a million more ways for you to approach the bribe game which you can look into and develop for yourself.

Good Luck!

Find out how to write a social media strategy for your Glamping Site.
No idea what Instagram, Hashtags, Tags or Social Media are? Watch this space…